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How to Safely Connect Dissimilar Metals

Question I’m just starting a job, and in the spec it states to come out of a slab with PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit, but from there I have to use rigid aluminum conduit. Is it okay to connect the two different metals together? The spec also says to keep the aluminum isolated from other metals… Read more »

How to Gauge Thread Depth

Using a utility knife to score PVC-coated conduit

Question Hey Chris! When it comes to field-threading conduit, what’s the best way to determine how long the threads should be? Answer Each length of Perma-Cote conduit comes with a thread protector that can help you gauge thread depth. This tool determines the right amount of PVC to cut to maximize thread engagement and minimize… Read more »

How to Special Order Parts

Question Hi Chris, I am needing to order a coated part that isn’t in your traditional catalog. What steps should I take to get the part ordered? Answer We have been coating products for nearly five decades, and because of this experience, we have found that even though most parts can be coated, there are… Read more »

How to Check Stock Status

Question Hi Chris, I’m a rep for Perma-Cote. Is there a way I can check to see if the materials I need are in stock before I order them? Answer You’re in luck! Robroy Industries recently launched a brand-new web portal that’s full of innovative features to help reps and distributors easily search available inventory,… Read more »

When to Use Touch-Up Compound on Sealing Sleeves

  Question I have seen touch-up compound used on sealing sleeves. Is that needed every time? Answer No, it is not required every time, but we do suggest using touch-up compound on sealing sleeves in wet locations or underground installations where additional protection is required. Threads are the weakest link in any conduit system. So… Read more »

Creating a Submittal Package

Question Hey Chris, I am getting ready to put together a submittal package. What tools are offered to aid in this process? Answer We have two tools available to help accomplish this: MyCatalog and Quick Submittal. Both systems are online tools that make submitting, specifying, and quoting faster and easier than ever. Designed with PVC… Read more »

Different Thread Compounds for Different Material Types

Question Chris, can I use the same thread compound on both PVC-coated steel and PVC-coated aluminum? Answer No, because different material types require different thread compounds. According to NEC Article 300.6 A, “all field cut threads shall be coated with an approved electrically conductive, corrosion-resistant compound.” Most manufacturers of PVC Coated Conduit will offer an approved conductive thread… Read more »

How to bend PVC-coated conduit without damage

Question Hi Chris, what is the best way to bend PVC-coated conduit without damaging it? Answer We offer a complete line of standard, special, and large radius elbows ready for quick shipment. However, when field bending is necessary, there are a variety of bending tools from which to choose. Perma-Cote can be bent with conventional… Read more »

Product Returns

Question Chris, the product I am returning is free of any damage, but why can you not accept the return? Answer As part of our commitment to quality, I can look at any contractor or any end user at any given time and let them know that I have never supplied them with used material…. Read more »