Installer Certification

Installer Certification

Perma-Cote Installer Certification Card

All certified installers can be verified by his Installer Card, valid up to the expiration date.

Perma-Cote is a system providing the best available exterior and interior protection against corrosion. Proper installation is essential to ensure the best possible service life for a conduit system. To ensure the best possible PVC coated conduit installation it is recommended that installers are certified.

Qualified installation provides these benefits:

  • The End User…
    …receives optimum installation quality and best possible service life.
  • The Professional…
    … benefits because of obvious concern for providing only the best to the end-user.
  • The Contractor…
    … achieves more cost-effective installation.
  • In other words, EVERYONE BENEFITS!

    Proper installation is essential for best possible service life.

    installation02Proper installation is essential for best possible service life.

    Perma-Cote Installer Certification is based upon training that includes classroom and hands-on instruction encompassing:

  • Proper installation techniques and tools.
  • Hands-on instruction for clamping, cutting, threading, bending, and assembly of PVC coated conduit.
  • Interactive discussion of techniques and troubleshooting.
  • Only installers who are able to present the authorized, unexpired credentials of having passed our instruction and examination are officially certified to install Perma-Cote’s top quality products.

    Installer certification is free of charge and available at the job site, contractor’s shop, factory, or wherever it is convenient to you! For more information about Installer Certification, contact Perma-Cote at 903.843.4388.