Lester Sales Now Represents Perma-Cote’s PVC-Coated Conduit in Ohio

Permacote PVC coated conduit

Perma-Cote, manufacturer of ETL-verified PVC-001 rigid conduit and PVC-coated fittings, announces that Lester Sales will represent the company’s product line in Ohio.

The Lester Sales Company has been an electrical sales agency leader since 1958, when Ernie Lester founded the company. Ernie’s vision was to offer a premium level of representation to the top electrical manufacturers in the industry. Ernie’s success was due largely to his ability to locate, recruit, and hire the best possible sales team with salespeople who shared his vision of “being the best” and representing “only the best.”

John Scott is the current leader of the Lester Sales Company. Under John’s leadership, the company has continued Ernie’s legacy by building their future success on a foundation of strong relationships with employees, manufacturers, and customers.

Steve Voelzke, president of Perma-Cote PVC Coated Conduit, stated: “We selected the Lester Sales Company to represent our product line because its team of seasoned sales professionals have broad knowledge of electrical products and their applications, along with standing relationships with electrical consultants, distributors, contractors, and end users in Ohio.”

Perma-Cote PVC-coated conduit offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings, and accessories, providing resistance to corrosion for electrical raceway systems in the most demanding environments. Perma-Cote is a key link in a raceway system designed to beat the high cost of corrosion damage.

Perma-Cote carries the combined ETL/UL label, assuring users of the protection needed for long-term success. PVC-coated brands are authorized to carry both the ETL and UL label, and have proven, by independent third parties, to provide a reliable service life that is ten or more times longer than brands that do not feature both labels.

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