Perma-Cote PVC-Coated Conduit Systems provides proper protection for a variety of airport applications.



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It is critical to protect the overall airport system to keep the structure operating at full capacity day in and day out. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, especially when many airports struggle to overcome the corrosive environment that exists due to harsh weather conditions—such as the rain, sleet, and snow plaguing airports during the year.

There are many electrical components within the airport system that are often impacted by corrosion, such as runway lighting, vehicle fueling stations and fuel storage systems, deicing areas, and parking garages.

A superior performance product such as Perma-Cote, even though it may be a small element of any given job, is instrumental in ensuring protection of airport electrical systems from corrosion.

Permacote reduces downtime by 50 percent or more and can contribute to extended service life by more than 10 times that of other product options. By eliminating product failure, you eliminate the staggering costs of downtime, safety hazards, replacement costs, and related liabilities.

This is why a corrosion prevention strategy is necessary and why a good partner, such as Permacote PVC Coated Conduit, is equally necessary in the fight against airport corrosion.

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