PVC Coated Conduit System

Perma-Cote PVC Coated Conduit System

Perma-Cote offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and accessories to provide resistance to corrosion for your electrical raceway systems in the most demanding environments.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., ISO 9001-certified Perma-Cote complies with all standards mandated by UL6, NEMA RN-1, ANSI C80.1, ETL PVC-001, IEC IP69/UL Type 4X and UL 1203. Perma-Cote is ETL-Verified for product performance and reliable longevity — ETL-Verified PVC coated conduit provides product service life lasting 10 times longer than those who do not carry the ETL PVC-001 label.

Additional features include our V-Seal® gasket with special interlocking “V” groove which is the most effective way of preventing corrosion damage by sealing PVC coated Form 8 Conduit Bodies.

Perma-Cote is not simply a product — it is a key link in a system designed to beat the high cost of corrosion damage. The following graphic illustrates how the beneficial differentiators of Perma-Cote provide added value in making the system work.


Our Unique V-Seal

Our V-Seal® gasket — with special interlocking “V” groove —- is the most effective way of preventing corrosion damage by sealing PVC coated Form 8 Conduit Bodies, sizes 1/2″ to 2″.



The new patent-pending P5SA™ feature allows positional feedback for the upgraded urethane-coated plug for proper installation without compromising the best possible corrosion protection. To validate proper installation and plug engagement, the new design allows for visual validation by ensuring the plug will not protrude beyond the beveled edge of the PVC around the plug, validating that there are 5 full threads of engagement per the NEC code, which is critical for safe installation and a proper flame path.


Sealing Locknut

To prevent thread exposure, Perma-Cote PVC-coated conduit developed a simple, detachable sleeve providing a consistent seal over the exposed conduit threads at the point of connection.

Perma-Cote’s “PVC-Coated Sealing Locknut” features include:

  1. Built-in gasket at the face of a locknut to provide a positive seal against water, oils, and other liquids against the hub of a connected fitting.
  2. An integral sleeve on the reverse side of the locknut is designed to fit securely over the circumference of the adjacent coated conduit.
  3. Extra thin construction which allows the sleeve to thread on only 2-1/2 threads leaving at least seven threads for complete engagement of the conduit to its connected fitting.
  4. Gasket and sleeves made of specially formulated and UL-recognized PVC materials, tested for aging-resistant compressive and tensile properties.
  5. A simple design which allows for easy installation and tightening over conduit threads at joints throughout the system. The only tools required for tightening include a strap-wrench and lube to assist the fitted sleeve over PVC-coated conduit.

Example of Transition with and without Sealing Locknut

Labels and Listings

Perma-Cote complies with standards including:

  • NEMA RN-1
  • ANSI C80.1
  • UL 6
  • ETL PVC-001
  • IEC IP69 / UL Type 4X
  • UL 1203

UL6 is an important standard that addresses safety for rigid metal conduit. ETL PVC-001 is an internationally recognized listing based on performance evaluations and on predicting service life. It is on the basis of independent, objective product comparisons by ETL that Perma-Cote has been proven to provide ten or more times the protective service life of brands that are not authorized to carry the ETL PVC-001 label.


Here are some additional facts that you should know:


  • ETL PVC-001 validates the coating performance of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit based on ASTM D870 and ASTM D1151/ASTM D2247 — the accepted ASTM tests for predicting product service life. These tests are not intended to replicate a specific environment. Rather, they are designed to predict the service life of a coating under the two most common conditions that affect adhesive bonds: heat and humidity.
  • Perma-Cote re-earns its ETL PVC-001 label on a quarterly basis by repeatedly and successfully passing the stringent performance tests required for verification.
  • ETL verification is an “open standard”. Testing is open to any manufacturer who believes that the quality of its protective coating can consistently meet ETL verification requirements. If you do not see an ETL label on a brand of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit, you have every right to ask “why not?”

IEC IP69/UL Type 4X

Perma-Cote Form 8 fittings offer the most effective way of protecting your electrical systems and proving the best available corrosion protection. Perma-Cote Form 8 fittings carrying the UL Type 4X and IEC IP69 rating, which were tested to IP69K found in the DIN standard 40050-9, meeting the highest protection rating on the scale and providing defense against ingress of dust, water, and other foreign matter.

Testing for IP69 includes a set of tests for both protection against solids and liquids. The dust test is conducted in a closed dust chamber containing 2 kg/m3 of suspended talcum powder particles of 50μm diameter or less. The powder is circulated for 8 hours at a rate sufficient to cycle the volume of powder present at least 60 times.

In order to bear an IP69 label for protection from water intrusion, the water jetting test is conducted by placing the enclosure on a turntable that rotates every 12 seconds (5 rpm) and spraying 176 F (80⁰C) water from 4-6 inches at a flow rate of 4 gal per minute. Water is sprayed at angles of 0, 30, 60, and 90 degrees for 30 seconds each. Products tested to the IP69k standard, undergoes water pressure of 1160-1450 psi throughout the testing procedure. Following this rigorous testing procedure, the product successfully achieves the rating if it completely resists water ingress.

UL 1203

Perma-Cote PVC-Coated Conduit and Fittings has enhanced its line of hazardous location fittings in order to provide customers with the safest and best performing corrosion resistant solution for hazardous location areas. Perma-Cote Sealing Fittings, Conduit Unions, GUA Outlet Boxes and EC Series Flexible Couplings are now verified for safety through UL 1203 Listings; the UL Safety Standard for Explosion-Proof and Dust-Ignition-Proof Electrical Equipment for Use in Hazardous (Classified) Locations.

Training and Certification

Perma-Cote offers various educational training opportunities such as:

Installation of PVC Coated Conduit

Perma-Cote Installer Certification is based upon training that includes classroom and hands-on instruction encompassing:

  • Proper installation techniques and tools.
  • Hands-on instruction for clamping, cutting, threading, bending, and assembly of PVC coated conduit.
  • Interactive discussion of techniques and troubleshooting.

Only installers who are able to present the authorized, unexpired credentials of having passed our instruction and examination are officially certified to install Perma-Cote’s top quality products.

Installer certification is free of charge and available at the job site, contractor’s shop, factory, or wherever it is convenient to you! For more information about Installer Certification, contact Perma-Cote at 903.843.4388.



Want more good news?

You won’t have to pay more for the best available protection than you would for a standard fitting. It’s all part of the unequaled value provided to you through Perma-Cote.


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