PVC Coated Stainless Threaded Rod

PVC Coated Stainless Threaded Rod

Supporting and fastening in applications where corrosion is a concern

Perma-Cote is pleased to introduce our newest PVC-coated product that makes installation faster and easier by eliminating field re-threading while enhancing corrosion resistance – The PVC-Coated Stainless Threaded Rod!

The primary function of threaded rod is as a fastening or supporting means in electrical and mechanical installations in industrial facilities.  The use of a PVC coated threaded rod is common in installations where corrosion is a concern such as water and wastewater, oil and gas, or chemical-petrochemical.  Typical uses include overhead and trapeze mounting with coated products like conduit and pipe hangers, beam clamps, strut, split ring hangers, and stainless steel or aluminum Rocket Rack® Standard support platform products.

The combination of PVC and 304 stainless steel is a first, further enhancing the corrosive resistant properties in one of the most critical components of support where failure is not an option. Perma-Cote’s custom manufacturing process assures a protective layer of the PVC exterior protects the stainless-steel substrate from exposure to environmental elements that could lead to corrosion.  This process assures corrosion protection with a new easy strip coating making installations faster and safer.

The PVC coated stainless-steel threaded rod is available in 3/8” & ½” diameter rod and in 6’ & 12’ lengths. The PVC coating thickness is 35 mils on the 3/8” diameter and 25 mils on the ½” diameter rod.  Both the PVC coated and bare stainless rod are made from inherently corrosion resistant 304-grade stainless steel.


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