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Perma-Cote Abridged Specification

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The PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit must be UL Listed. The PVC coating must have been investigated by UL as providing the primary corrosion protection for the rigid metal conduit. The PVC-coated conduit must be ETL Verified to the Intertek ETL SEMKO High Temperature H2O PVC Coating Adhesion Test Procedure for 200 hours. The PVC-coated conduit must bare the ETL Verified PVC-001 label to signify compliance to the adhesion performance standard. Ferrous fittings for general service locations must be UL Listed with PVC as the primary corrosion protection. Hazardous location fittings, prior to plastic coating must be UL listed. All conduit and fittings must be new, unused material. Applicable UL standards may include: UL 6 Standard for Safety, Rigid Metal Conduit, UL514B Standard for Safety, Fittings for Conduit and Outlet Boxes. Conduit and fittings shall be evaluated for reliability and performance. Certified test results are the respective test data that have been witnessed and certified to be accurate by an independent, recognized third party.

  1. Acceptable conduit and fitting PVC bonds shall be confirmed with a minimum average of 30 days in a heat and humidity test (ASTM D1151 and D2247) with the temperature at 150°F (66°C) and 95% relative humidity.
  2. Acceptable seal performance shall be confirmed at 15 psig (positive) and 25 in. of mercury (vacuum) for 72 hours. Contact local Perma-Cote Sales Representatives for third party testing certification and procedure methods.