ETL Verification & Conformance

ETL Performance Verification & Conformance


Certificate of Conformance

Fact One:

Perma-Cote is authorized to carry BOTH ETL Verified mark and UL-listed label

Perma-Cote is authorized to carry BOTH ETL Verified mark and UL-listed label

Perma-Cote PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit is authorized to carry both the ETL-verified mark of performance and a UL-rated label.

Fact Two:

In independent ETL product performance evaluations, Perma-Cote consistently maintained successful bonding of protective PVC coating during extended accelerated adhesion tests.

In fact…over the course of 200 hours, Perma-Cote performed ten times more reliably than other brands. The bonding adhesion of other brands failed quickly during the identical test. In real life applications failure of PVC to bond with the conduit’s metal substrate leads to corrosion destruction and costly product failure.

Fact Three:

ETL-verified heat and humidity tests showed equally dramatic performance superiority of Perma-Cote when compared in identical testing to other brands.


ETL Certificate of Conformance

This is the actual document that verifies ETL product conformance permitting the use of the ETL-Verified PVC-001 label.


The Significance of Predicting Service Life in the Specification of PVC-Coated Galvanized Rigid Conduit

An important overview of how and why not all brands of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit are created equal —- and why specifiers who are concerned with predictable product life cycles need to look for the ETL-Verification label.


Official ETL-Verification Report

The Importance Of Product Service Life As Documented By ETL-Verification.

All brands of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit comply with standards as established by UL 6. Only some brands of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit are authorized to carry the ETL-Verifed PVC-001 label — the only definitive difference between existing brands. Therefore, if predictability of product service life is important to engineering design, avoidance of costly or catastrophic product or system failure.

It should be assumed in the specification process, that only PVC-coated galvanized conduit carrying the ETL-verification label, will meet the standards established by all relevant ASTM tests. Thus, including those predicting product service life.


ETL Semko Procedural Guide for the PVC Coated Conduit Verification Program

The complete technical overview of internationally recognized testing procedures used to evaluate PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit for ETL-Verification.

ETL Semko Inspector’s Procedures for the PVC Coated Conduit Verification Program

The Significance of the Intertek ETL Semko Label for the Corrosion Performance Of Coated Rigid Metal Conduit

A highly detailed white paper that relates corrosion protection provided by the adhesive reliability of PVC coating to the standards established by ETL-Verification.