PVC Coated Conduit Proper Material Handling

Proper Material Handling

Currently, the shipping industry in the United States has become a challenge for anyone trying to schedule electrical products to a job site.

The Problem

A shortage of truck drivers plus newly implemented driver-regulations limit time on the road. Unfortunately, this situation does not appear that it will improve any time soon. According to a report by transportation analysts Stifel Financial Corp, the industry as a whole will be short 240,000 drivers by 2022.

Perma-Cote PVC-Coated Conduit has been using its many resources to ship products on time to meet necessary deadlines of fast moving projects. Additionally, Perma-Cote professionals have proactively been working to ensure that conduit arrives on the job site without damage.

The best way to prevent product damage is to be knowledgeable about proper handling techniques. In an effort to increase on-time delivery and reduce freight claims , Perma-Cote has provided the video below for anyone involved in the shipping/delivery of PVC-coated conduit.


  • Forklift
  • 4×4” Board (Lumber)
  • Strap – 2″ Wide x 4′ Long – (Grainger PN 38U307)

To protect financial interests, Perma-Cote recommends that all freight be fully inspected for damage. If the product arrives with damage, you can refuse the entire shipment, putting the liability on the freight company. If you can’t allow for schedule delays be sure any damage or incomplete shipments are noted on the freight company’s bill of lading prior to signing. Notation on the bill of lading is a critical part of the process that allows for you to make a freight claim against the carrier.