Why Is ETL Important?

No one can be an expert on all products, so knowing and understanding listings and labels will help owners and specifiers select the highest quality products and ensure a reliable service life that will perform well over time.

When selecting a product like PVC Coated GRC you’re not going to accidentally install it…There is an imperative that it preforms, it is going into areas where traditional products might quickly corrode or where there are certain risks that may impair safety or operations.

Therefore, you should utilize ETL-PVC001 as Part of a Corrosion Prevention Strategy.


What does ETL Verified Mean?

ETL Verified is a product certification mark that demonstrates that a product has met certain design and performance standards. The ETL Verified mark serves to denote an elevated level of quality and reliability for a product, signaling to consumers that a product meets high standards.

What is ETL PVC-001?

ETL PVC-001 is an ETL Verified mark specific to PVC Coated Conduit.

Intertek/ETL evaluated PVC coated conduit based on tests for evaluating performance. The main purpose of a coating is to make sure it adheres, so ETL PVC-001 utilized two accelerated test methods to test adhesion:

The first is ASTM D870 Hot Water Immersion which requires 200 hours in boiling water at 212F
Second is ASTM D1151 Exposure to Heat and Humidity for 90 days at 95% relative humidity at 150F
After both of these tests have been conducted the adhesion of the coating to the metal is tested using the NEMA RN1 pull test. This is done by making two parallel cuts in the coating and one cut across. Then the coating is attempted to be pulled away from the substrate. In order to pass the test, the coating must adhere to the substrate.
While ASTM test methods are used for testing procedures, regulated standards like ETL put criteria around these test methods that will create the standard itself and determine a grade of pass or fail based on the results.

ETL testing, and consequently ETL Verification, is based on actual product performance as a predictor of reliable service life. Manufacturer’s that carry the ETL Verified PVC-001 Mark have a documented, proven ability to perform in a corrosive environment over an extended period of time – a fact that has been evaluated and confirmed by a world-recognized, independent, third-party source.
The ETL PVC-001 verification allows for easy identification of a product that has been designed to last in corrosive environments.

Another important part of the independent validation is that samples are tested in exact same conditions on a quarterly basis by Intertek/ETL. To obtain the ETL Verified Mark, any manufacturer can provide an initial qualification sample to ETL and conform to ongoing quarterly audits.

Importance of the label:

Here you will see an example of the ETL PVC-001 label – In order to ensure performance, the best course of action while specifying products for corrosive environments is to select those that carry an independent product testing label such as the ETL Verified Mark. When it comes to safety, make sure your PVC coated conduit carries the UL listing where both the PVC & Zinc are listed as primary protection.


The chart shows the different listings you should look for as it correlates with the level of coating performance & protection. Testing and conformance for Level 1 and Level 2 are covered under the UL 6 listing which also covers DYJC Complimentary listing. If a PVC coated conduit is listed under UL 6 the DYJC Listing requires no further testing, only a clerical function for the additional listing. Testing and conformance for Level 3 performance is regulated by ETL for compliance.


More about Intertek:

Intertek is an international testing, inspecting and certification organization that employs more than 36,000 people in more than 130 countries. It’s founding dates to 1885, when it was started for the testing and certifying of ships’ cargoes. The ETL in the ETL Verified mark originates with the Edison Testing Laboratory, which was renamed Inchcape in 1988 and is Intertek today. Inventor Thomas Edison founded the Edison Testing Laboratory. In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has designated Intertek as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, meaning it has legal status to test and certify products for sale in the U.S.