Electric Contractor Bending a PVC-Coated Conduit

Did you know failure and damage resulting from corrosion cost more than $3.6 trillion each year in the United States alone? Corrosion of electrical conduit can cause catastrophic failure, which in turn can result in electrocution, fire, loss of data, disruption of service, and even loss of life.

Installer Certification

Becoming certified to install PVC-coated raceways tells owners and end users that you know what it takes to avoid product failure before, during, and after installation. Additionally, specifiers who select Perma-Cote often require this certification prior to installation. Getting certified is a simple process, and you can complete re-certification right here on our website. Click the links below to learn more about each process. 

Accredited Education

One of the best ways to combat corrosion before it occurs is through education. That’s why Perma-Cote offers a number of ARC (Accredited, Regulated, and Certified) courses and installation certification programs taught by experts in corrosion prevention who focus on proper installation and real-world use of anti-corrosion products. These trainings are available in-person and virtually, and based on completion of the course, you may be eligible to earn Professional Development Hours.

With the knowledge to make the best decision for your facility or project, you can save time and money by ensuring safe, successful installation of your electrical raceways.

Who Should Receive Corrosion Education?

Everyone involved on a jobsite or project can benefit from corrosion education. Not only do Perma-Cote’s ARC courses deliver valuable information about the corrosion process, but participants will also learn important installation tips and industry best practices that will increase job efficiency and decrease the potential for corrosion to occur.


For contractors, productivity is key. Electrical contractors play a major part in every phase of construction, and every decision made by a contractor can affect timelines, costs, and the overall success of a project. A well-planned design is the first step to improving productivity, and the right choice of PVC-coated conduit can make all the difference.

Becoming certified in proper installation techniques can help lower cost overruns and timeline delays, as well as reduce the risk to onsite workers during projects and limit the potential for liability, maintenance, and repairs after construction is finished.

Owners/ End Users

As an owner or end user, your time and assets are valuable. Calculating your Total Cost of Ownership includes evaluating more than just installation costs and on-going maintenance; the risk of early product failure and the cost of replacement after installation is complete all factor in. Not all corrosion protection products are the same—product choice and proper installation can help eliminate some of those extra costs by preventing the need for repair and replacement in the first place.

Perma-Cote’s ARC Lunch & Learns provide an opportunity for you to learn valuable information that will qualify for Professional Development Hours. Becoming aware of relevant labels, listings, and proper installation techniques can help you understand the benefits of of choosing a cost-effective solution that provides proven, long-lasting service life and corrosion protection. 

Specifiers/ Engineers

When it comes to designing specs, there are lots of codes, requirements, and standards to juggle. Additionally, the intended environment of the installation will have an impact on how product is specified, such as whether corrosion will be a threat or if hazardous locations need to be planned for. In every environment, though, specifying quality products that deliver reliability and longevity should be the goal of every electrical engineer.

Perma-Cote’s ARC courses have been developed specifically for the needs of specifiers and engineers, and can be adapted to better fit your project’s needs. Becoming certified will give you the knowledge you need to integrate the right product in your specs, as well as provide valuable warranties and proven performance to owners, end-users, and contractors.


Electrical distributors do more than deliver parts and supplies to contractors and end-users—they also provide expert product knowledge and answer common questions about ordering proper materials. When it comes to meeting specifications for any project, distributors can help everyone involved by providing the latest product information and remaining knowledgeable about how the right manufacturer and the highest quality product can save time, labor, and money.

The ARC courses provided by Perma-Cote offer valuable product education and sales training to better help distributors work with contractors, specifiers, and end-users to ensure they get the best product for their environment. The course will equip sales reps with everything they need to know to better serve their customers and stay up-to-date on Perma-Cote’s latest innovations.

Corrosion College

For more intensive training, all customer groups may wish to participate in Corrosion College. This educational training seminar, now running virtually, features lessons on how corrosion occurs and what can be done to prevent it, taught by experienced pros in corrosion prevention. The training also includes a full breakdown on the use of anti-corrosion products and proper product installation, and is accredited for 15 PDHs through Texas A&M, Kilgore College, AIA (American Institute of Architects), and PDH Engineer upon completion.