Installer Certification

Becoming certified to install PVC-coated raceways is a surefire way to tell project contractors, owners, and end-users that you have the professional knowledge and experience necessary to properly install the product. Certification is proof that you understand what it takes to avoid product failure before, during, and after installation, as electrical raceways can have a costly impact if they are incorrectly installed. Often, specifiers who select Perma-Cote require installers to be certified by the manufacturer before they can work on a project as an added measure of ensuring quality.

Installation certification can yield big cost and labor savings. How?

During the installation training, you’ll learn manufacturer recommendations for installing Perma-Cote products so that you can work more efficiently and maximize corrosion protection. You’ll discover what it takes for installations to meet specifications and safety requirements, so you’ll be able to better prevent common installation mistakes before they happen. 

Additionally, the training provides you with the latest information on Perma-Cote’s newest innovations, as well as the industry’s ever-changing technology, so that you have all the knowledge you need to boost your efficiency. The cost-effective and accurate completion of an installation often allows you to move on to your next project faster, helping you to optimize your schedule, labor, and assets.

Plus, earning your installer certification just makes sense. It lasts for two years, meaning your certification card can open doors to more jobs than installers who are not certified.

How do I get certified?

Installation certification can occur via an in-person or virtual training session. Both are taught by leading experts in corrosion protection and include the latest information on how to work safer, smarter, and more efficiently. Following the training, you will take an installation certification exam covering the material you learned. Once you pass the exam, you will receive an official certified installer card that is valid for two years from the date of issue. The expiration date is a way to ensure everyone installing PVC-coated conduit remains up-to-date on the latest installation techniques and tools, as the industry can change quickly.

Instruction topics include best installation practices for PVC-coated conduit, such as the right ways to clamp, cut, thread, bend, and assemble coated products. You will also participate in interactive discussions about installation techniques and troubleshooting.

Installer Certification is free of charge, and is available to be held at the job site, contractor’s office, or virtually. Online recertification is available once your installer certification card has expired. Click here to get re-certified today.

Could anyone else benefit from installer certification?

Absolutely—anyone involved with a project from beginning to end can find value in becoming certified.

Specifiers/Engineers: learning about proper installation, the dangers of corrosion, and product service life can help specifiers create a more comprehensive spec designed for better corrosion protection.

Contractors: knowledge of manufacturer recommendations and the latest industry innovations can help contractors provide their clients with a more efficient, cost-effective installation.

Owners/End Users: installation training can help owners learn how to maximize corrosion protection and keep the need for repairs to a minimum, reducing their total cost of ownership and protecting their investment.

  1. Proper, damage-free installation techniques and tools
  2. System assembly and best practices
  3. Techniques and troubleshooting

Only installers who are able to present the authorized, unexpired credential of having passed required instruction and examination are officially certified to install Perma-Cote PVC Coated products.

There is no charge for installer certification. To learn more about this certification program, contact us at 903.843.4388 or fill out the form below.

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