How to Cover Exposed Threads

PM Sealing Locknut


I'm looking for a way to cover some exposed threads in my installation—any suggestions?


This is very important, because conduit thread exposure at points of connection opens electrical systems up to corrosion and reduced structural integrity. A great solution to this issue is the PVC-Coated Sealing Locknut from Perma-Cote. It’s a simple, detachable PVC-coated sleeve located on the reverse side of a locknut that fits securely over exposed threads at the point of connection.

The built-in gasket provides a positive seal against water, oils, and other liquids. The sleeve is engineered to be extra thin and takes up only two threads, leaving adequate space to ensure five full threads of engagement with the conduit. Also, it’s made with UL-recognized PVC materials, ensuring its quality and usefulness in a variety of demanding environments.