PVC-Coated LT Fitting with NEW Transition Adapter

PVC-Coated LT Fittings with NEW PVC Transition Adapter by Perma-Cote

PVC-Coated LT Fittings protect conductors from mechanical damage due to vibration and movement and seal out water, oils, coolants, and other contaminants. Typically used in tough, industrial, and wet corrosive locations with process controls, motors, pumps, and processing equipment, they are often connected directly to a conduit body to transition from LFMC to PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit (GRC).

The new Perma-Cote PVC Liquid Tight Transition Adapter makes for a better liquid tight system installation that maintains same corrosion protection in a compact, low-profile setup.

We are proud to announce that this innovative adapter is supplied standard with Perma-Cote Liquid Tight Connectors. 

    Uniquely Designed for Straightforward Installation

    The PVC LT Transition Adapter is designed to significantly improve and simplify the installation process. The adapter:

    • Reduces the number of components required,
    • Saves material and procurement costs, assembly time, and installation space, and
    • Provides a better installation by eliminating the risk of exposed threads where corrosion can occur.

    Made from UL approved gray PVC plastisol material the PVC LT transition adapter:

    • Offers the highest resistance to corrosion, flexibility, and compliance with safety standards.  
    • Provides Long-term UV resistance and prevents deterioration when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
    • Looks visually appealing and professional. 

    When it comes to corrosive environments, the new Perma-Cote PVC LT Transition Adapter offers the highest resistance to corrosion and an improved system installation when transitioning from LFMC to PVC-coated rigid conduit.

    The new adapter replaces the need for the LTR fitting when connecting a liquid tight fitting into a conduit body with NPT threads. If the raceway transition is from a LT fitting to conduit (with a coupling), a LTR fitting will still be the proper method because the threads on the conduit coupling are straight (not NPT) threads.

    Transition Adapters are included as standard with LT fittings in ½”-2” trade sizes in straight, 45°, and 90° configurations with and without ground. Perma-Cote PVC Coated Fittings are UL E200413 listed, and PVC coated fittings with grounds lugs (for bonding and grounding) are UL E217890 listed.