Reducing Trade Sizes Out of a Conduit Body

Reducing Bushing Header
When installing a PVC-coated raceway system, installers are sometimes faced with the need to reduce trade sizes out of a conduit body. And while there are a few generally accepted ways to make this transition, it is often not easy to do so without adding extra length to the transition or sacrificing the sealing sleeves, which safeguard the threads from corrosion caused by exposure to water, dirt, and contaminants.

While using a standard reducing bushing may seem like the logical choice for transitioning between trade sizes from a PVC-coated conduit body, there are some drawbacks to this method. It can create a gap between the conduit hub's sealing sleeve and the smaller conduit, allowing water and chemicals to accumulate and potentially compromise the system over time. Removing the sealing sleeve in this case will not resolve the issue, as it eliminates the tight seal, leaving threads exposed and jeopardizing the system's environmental integrity—not to mention the unprofessional appearance.

Traditionally, the recommended solution would be to use a short nipple coming out of the female conduit hub, followed by a reducing coupling (female-to-female with sealing sleeves on both ends) to transition to a smaller trade size conduit. This method ensures a sealed connection with no gaps or exposed threads, but it adds extra length and material cost to the installation.

Perma-Cote has introduced an innovative solution—the patent-pending PVC-Coated Reducing Bushing with Sealing Sleeves—that addresses these challenges. This product features an integral bushing with sealing sleeves on both ends, allowing for a direct reduction out of the conduit body without the need for additional materials. Unlike the traditional method outlined above, this solution requires removing the sealing sleeve from the female conduit hub, enabling the bushing to fit snugly around the hub's outer diameter, reducing space requirements. This setup ensures a sealed connection with no exposed threads, minimizing the risk of moisture ingress and maintaining a professional appearance.

The PVC-Coated Reducing Bushing with Sealing Sleeves is available in 15 versatile configurations to accommodate a wide range of project demands. It streamlines the installation process, saves space, and reduces excess material costs, granting the installer peace of mind that the system remains completely sealed with no weak links. Learn more about how this innovation works by watching the video below or by reaching out to